Monday, October 14, 2013

My holiday

This morning we had 40 minutes
to write about anything we wanted. from this we are going
to set my writing goal for the term. Here is what wrote.

In the finished of term 3 I went at 1:00PM for youth. As I went to youth they asked if I was scared of heights then I said no and then I ask why.

After I finally found out that my youth group and I was going to rocket ropes then we had Instruction about putting the safety stuff on. Then we got started on it and it was my turn and when I got on I look down then I got scared.

Once I finished the course we went to carl's jr as we got there we all brought superstar for dinner and a drink. Then I went home then my youth teacher was talking to my nan.

My goal for this week is to write properly.


  1. Hi William,
    With your writing goal what do you mean by writing properly. Maybe be a little more specific. I hope you enjoyed youth.

  2. William,
    My name is Brylyn Cowling. I am a student at The University of South Alabama and I am commenting on your post as an assignment in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. Is rocket ropes a rock climbing place? I am afraid of heights! What is superstar? Is that a restaurant? I am from Alabama and I have never heard of either of those places! Your goal, writing properly, is a great goal to set for yourself with all writing assignments. When blogging and sharing your thoughts/ideas with such a vast audience, it is very important to exhibit proper writing skills!