Friday, February 22, 2013

A story about boy getting lost in the forest

One day when this family went for a bush walk they went to are sign and when they went passed a the sign they looked at it and said ok I think we should follow these rules. When they went passed the sign the little stayed. When this little boy stayed near the sign the mum said come on son and the little boy said ok mum i’m coming.

When they carried on walking thru the bushes. The mum said where is your little brother. His brothers and sisters said we don’t know. When they went back to look for him he was still with a stranger. When they came back he was still there. The mum said come on son yep i’m coming and the mum and his brothers and sisters stayed they and waited too.

And when he came back they started to walk thru the bushes. Suddenly the little boy was injured and no one was they, until this helicopter turned up. When they went lower and let a man down. came down with a rescue bed and then they flew all the way to the hospital.   

My learning Goal

My learning goal in the classroom this term is to improve writing,reading,maths and to improve goal.

What I have to achieve is that I can do better than last year and to learn my 7 times table and my 8 times table and 9 times table.