Friday, May 17, 2013

Seeing at our school

On Thursday we had a special guest and it was unbelievable to see are famous person from a band . In the hall we had tv cameras in the hall i saw tv one cameras everywhere lights flashing and i was so pumped and excited to do my haka for this special guess . when i saw the tvs i excited as and ready for our haka. We all knew there Was gonna be a special person Like stan walker or john key but then Mr burt said that it was someone in a band so we said no john key no stan walker . now it had every one question Ayee who could be coming. someone in a band that is famous as i thought that it was gonna be asap rocky and kendrick lamar. Then Mr burt said it was someone from the Black Eyed pease and said that he is coming very soon and when he came thru the hall we were all looking at him and then were all started to yell and cheer at the top of our lungs.

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  1. Hi William. Great use of language to portray the suspense that you felt before Mr Burt announced who was visiting. Looking forward to reading another post from you very soon.