Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Assassin's Creed Brother Hood Reveiw

My Book Review Is About 1 book.

A few days later, after Bartolomeo had rounded up the remains of de Valois's dispirited army. Ezio fell in with La Volpe, both on their way to a convocation. Ezio had ordered of the brotherhood at the Assassin hideaway on tiber island. How to do things stand now here in rome was Ezio first question.

The tyres need more air than usual for safety, racing drivers 
accelerate on the straight and then brake through the corner.
This way, he can go faster through the corner, passing other cars that have braked earlier. He accelerates out of the corner , drifts across to the outside of the track, and take-off down the straight towards the the next bend. 

He has onr aim, and that's to finish first! It's a great feeling to see that black and white chequered flag waving at you and to know that you've won and all your hard work has paid off, says Chris. 

When it was the day that everybody had to run. When it was the time to run I had butterflies in my body. When Everybody started running . I bet on myself that was going to come last. Running on the Pt England Reserve Seeing my shoes covered in mud. 

It was are hard run because there are we had to run to the reserve. Finally making it up to the concrete feeling a little bit exhausted. There were puddles right in front me, running through it made me get wet.There were more and more puddles until the the course had smaller space in the run.  

Today I had to choose a pet. My dad bought me a dragon for my birthday. Although it was a cool present, I didn't ask for it. My dad was a dragon trainer and that is why he bought me a dragon. This particular dragon was a friendly dragon, the best in the world.  

Happiness and gladness filled my face as I flew through the sky on my new dragon pet.The next day my pet and I got ready for another trip towards the sky. Hungriness and starvation filled my guts.

Luckily I had been prepared with food and everything. Flying towards the sky I started to get airsick, then turned back home. When I went home I told my dad that I was airsick.

Sadly my dragon died at the age of 60. That goes the end of my adventure with my favourite dragon. All those years I had with him, loved him, cared for him like a brother and I knew it wasn't going to be that long for my pet. The end of my birthday present. 

His father ran a grocery business. His mother was an opera singer. April 1st 1851 he entered Le Harve secondary school of arts. When in paris he saw other painters copying their masters works but he would sit by the window and paint what he saw. 

In paris he met other young painters who became friends and fellow impressionists. He was influenced by Eugene Boudin, Jonah Jongkind and Goustave courvet. Boudin taught him how to use oils as well as outdoor painting techniques.    

Friday, September 7, 2012

For the smokers the world

Smoking is one Dangerous thing in the world. There is a chance of getting a
heart disease and a stroke.

There is a chance of getting a heart disease and a stroke. You can die faster
smoking at the age 13. 1% of the world die every year from a second-hand

¼ of the smokers in the United States tried to quit smoking at least once but they were attracted to it. You can die faster smoking at the age 13. 1%
of the world die every year from a secondhand smoke.

There are people the age of 18 smoking tobacco, that is the restricted age to smoke. children that have parents smoking may let the child smoke when they get older. What I have learned about smoking is to never smoke when I grow up that's why smoke when you are going die.

thank you silas