Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My pet Dragon

Today we had to choose a pet. My dad bought me a dragon for my birthday. Although it was a cool present, I didn’t ask for it. My dad was a dragon trainer and that is why he bought me a dragon. This particular dragon was a friendly dragon, the best in the world. Happiness and gladness filled my face as I flew through the sky on my new dragon pet.

The next day my pet and I had got ready for another trip towards the sky. Hungriness and starvation filled my guts. Luckily I had been prepared with food and everything. Flying towards the sky I started to get airsick, then turned back home. As I went home I told my dad that I was airsick.

Sadly my dragon had died at the age of 60. That goes the end of my adventure with my Favorite dragon. All those years I had with him, loved him, cared for him like a brother and I knew it wasn'tZ going to be that long for my pet and that the end of my birthday present.

Friday, November 16, 2012


When Abby went to School she was playing tiggy with her friends and when school finishes the teacher said don’t forget the newsletter and then she went home. When she ran home she said I have a school trip and she rushed straight threw the door and when her mum read the newsletter.

When her mum read the newsletter, the newsletter said the bus cost only $40 and then her mum flipped out and when she got up she walked up to the window, she looked out the window for a minute. When her aunty Noa helped, she was selling milk and it was $10 EACH and they raised $40 for the trip to rotorua.